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Thank You Cards from our valued clients

To the veterinary staff at Waterworks Road,

I would like to say a HUGE thank you for caring for the injured tawny frogmouth I brought in. Your kind gesture has given him/her a second chance. Your kindness reflects favourably on your practice and highlights your obvious love of our feathered friends.

Kind regards,


To the Vets, Nurses and Staff at Waterworks Road Vet Surgery,

Thank you so much for everything over the last fortnight. The patience, kindness and warmth which you've all shown me has helped me to grow and learn and I will be taking much away from my time at Waterworks Road. I hope you wall have a wonderful Easter and enjoy a much deserved break!

Many Thanks,

Sarah (Vet Student)

To the amazing vets and nurses at Waterworks Road Vet Surgery:

THANK YOU for having me for two wonderful weeks. I really do feel that I have learnt so much more than I ever did in my four years of vet schoold. Thank you for being so patient with me and being so supportive and understanding even when I made mistakes! Thank you Emma, for everything you've taught me, and for showing me the importance of good communication with clients as well as the understanding of our patients behaviour! Thank you Nell,for always remembering to bring me along to your housecalls, consults and for making me feel less awkward in my first few days. Thank you Janet for letting me handle the animals even though I am very bad at it. Thank you all for everything and I will forever remember the past two weeks!

Cindy (Vet Student)

To all at the Waterworks Rd Vet Surgery,

Big thank-you for all your wonderful care you gave once again this year to our dear Eddie.


Nick and Angela

Thank you all for welcoming me in for the 2 weeks of my uni placement. Thanks particularly to Adam, Emma, Sebastian, Nellyn and Gemma for putting up with my questions. While my knowledge may be still be limited, I appreciated being able to be involved in the cases and even able to "scrub in"on a surgery. I felt it was a valuable learning experience because I didn't feel as if I was only an observer. I couldn't have asked for a better first clinical placement and it has made me even more eager for the rest of my placements.

Kind Regards,

Karhlia Smith (JCU)



Dear Ron and Fran,

Thanks for being loving and kind to both Billy and me. Have a great xmas and New Year.

Lots of love, Lynne

Dear Ron, This is a message for you, Emma and Adam. I am sorry it has taken so long I was hoping our shipment would have arrived so I could send a photo to you so you could see how the pups were going. They both arrived perfectly, a little worse for wear as it was a big trip for them but they got here safe and sound. They are the best I have seen them for a very long time, Lilly is doing great, she eats on her own, plays with her toys, which she hasn't done for a long time, tries to chase small animals, lounges in the sun on the deck, she is just doing great. Jess is also doing great, she has a favourite sleeping spot and plays with Lilly, goes for long walks. Please also give our thanks to all the girls at the front desk, you have wonderful staff. When our shipment arrives I will send you a photo.

All my love to you and your team, Thank you, 



To Ron and Staff,

Carl and I would like to thank you for all the excellent care you've provided for Darcy and Bingley over the last 10 years. We are sorry to have to leave your surgery but the extra visits necessitated by Darcy's Cushing's Syndrome and arthritis and also by the fact that we are so far away, we had to make the move to a closer vet surgery. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Carl & Elizabeth, Darcy and Bingley 


A big thank you to Adam, Emma, Sarah, Laura and all the other wonderful staff at the Waterworks Rd Vet surgery for the are given to Annie on the day of her surgery.

From Rachel, Sarah, Stuart and Nicole 


To Ron,

Would like to thank you for all you had done for Brashor over the past 14 1/2 years. It is
greatly appreciated. Won't forget what you did for Brashor. 
I really miss her.

Yours Sincerely,

Leif Sween


To Ron and Staff,

Thank you for all your help with Mitchell, she was a special bird and I loved her dearly.

From Kate, Thanking you for your kind thoughts.


My Daughter Rachael and I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Woodhead for the work he did on our sick budgie Horatio, and to let him know that Horatio is eating extremely well and is back to his usual chirpy self. He is now a happy budgie again. We are very grateful that Dr Woodhead's skill was able to save our bird.



To Ron and Staff at Waterworks Road Veterinary Surgery,

Please accept my thanks for the lovely card, and kind words following Tara's passing. Tara was a very special girl and an important part of my life for more than 12 years. Tara was always loving and well behaved, and I knew that whenever I came home, Tara would always be there, and I would receive a friendly and and loving greeting. Tara's passing has left a large gap in my life. I will always miss my Tara.

Thank you all,



Dear Ron & Adam & Staff,

Our sincerest gratitude for your urgent attention and care of our beautiful Sophia Lucia on Tuesday. We thank God for your care and professional attention to her needs! Needless to add, the Easter Bunny won't be coming to Sophia!

Our sincere gratitude and God's blessing upon your work,

Donna and Andrew


To Ron and all the staff of the Waterworks Road Vet,

I wanted to say a big thankyou to you all for the last four days; they have left me with a very memorable experience. I greatly appreciate how I was welcomed by everyone so warmly into your working environment and how I was treated equally to everyone else. If I do become a vet I would love to work in a place just like this.

I enjoyed being hands on with the animals as well as helping with cleaning jobs because they are a big part of the work. However, being able to watch surgery was the most interesting part, and I would like to say thank you for giving me that opportunity. It really helped give me a good idea as to what you all do each day. I must say that I wasn't sure about veterinary as a career coming into this week, but coming out it is looking a lot more like a possibility as I really enjoyed my time this week thanks to you all.

I want to say a special thanks to Ron for giving me this opportunity in the first place and checking up on me each day. Also to Steph, for constantly fiding jobs to keep me busy and for being so friendly within 5 minutes of meeting me. To Sarah, Sebastian and Adam for letting me observe your surgery and dental work and for teaching me so much as you went. To Gemma and Patrick for showing me all the small tasks that keep the place running so smoothly. Finally to the receptionists who always greeted me with a smile.

I appreciate all the work you do, as you do it so well, and thank you for making my work experience a great one (I have so much to tell my friends)



Dear Ron,

 Thank you to yourself, Caitlin, Adam and the other members of your staff for the professional and caring attention you have given to our 'Mini' in recent years. Your persistence in treating her various health issues have not only given her a 'quality of life' but have extended our time to enjoy her presence in our family and all her idiosyncracies. 

Our lives are a lot richer for the 13 1/2 years she shared with us. With best wishes and warm regards to all at your clinic,

Margot, Brian and Alex.


Dear Ron, you were very kind and understanding on Saturday afternoon to both Sabby and me. She seemed to be in pain and found it difficult to settle in spite of the relaxing injection, so it was time for her to go. Sabby was a sweet old cat and a very clever one. No one but me was ever able to see how delightful she culd be. Old as she was, she still liked to play, but her real love was her tucker. Thank you for all the good things you did for her over the years and during her final illness.



Dear Ron, 

Thank you for all of your excellent work and care with Puss!

From Roslyn and Greg.

To Ron and staff, 

We thank you so much for your thoughts on our recent loss of "Rodney". We do appreciate your concern more than words can ever explain. Thanks, we are so overcome!!!

Ron and Ilona (Silvia, Zena)

Dear Ron, 

I am writing to thank you for your many years of professional guidance, advice, medical expertise and friendship in the care and well-being of our dear little man, Snubby. Snubby will always be remembered as a very special little dog who brought a smile to the faces of so many of our friends and family. The cards and flowers and text messages from around the world that arrived in the days after his passing made me realise he was truly a much loved member of the McGrath family. 

Everyone has their own favourite Snubby story and after nearly 17 years there are many adventures and tales to remember. There could be a novel waiting to be written!

The recipe for a great dog's life is clearly love, squeaky toys, chicken breasts, beach holidays and a wonderful vet to keep the balance right. From both Gary and I, our thanks and best wishes,





Thank you Ron and everyone at Waterworks Rd for your care of Ailig over the last 13 years. He was such a happy dog and he never complained. We love and miss him so much.

Mary-Jane, Adrian,Hamish and Ebi


Dear Ron and Team,

Thank you for your card. I've included some information on George with the letter enclosed for you to share some of our times with George.

Best wishes,

Lucy and Rob


Dear Ron and Staff,

We know Teddy was always well cared for by you. It is with genuine gratitude we say a heartfelt thankyou for having been her vet and all that entailed. Your kindness radiates out. Whenever we walk past your veterinary shop/surgery we only feel peace and gentleness. You helped in making her passing on so calm, so soothing - words are so empty when are hearts are so grateful. Thank you. Your cat, our Teddy - at peace Lovingly.

Cheryle and Mike xxx


Hi Waterworks Road Vet Surgery Team,

Just a quick thank you for looking after my girls so well this year.

Special thanks to Ron, Caitlin and Emma for treating Tara's various ailments, and operating when required. Tara is now 12 years old, but I hope has more years in her yet. Also for looking after Sasha and Panda.

Thanks to the reception team for all their help. (Sam, Alecia, Jess, Elle. Apologies to any of the Team whose names I have missed).

Thank you to Ron for having the girls at the surgery on moving day last Friday. It was a load off my mind knowing Tara, Sasha and Panda were in a safe place for the day. All three were a bit stressed moving into a new home, Sasha particularly. But all seem to be settling in OK. Panda has made herself at home, already having naps on my bed. I suspect Tara loves the face that being in a low level home, she does not have to deal with stairs anymore. I know it is a treat not to have to pick Tara up and carry her up the stairs.

I hope all the Team have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.




To Ron,

With sincere thanks for looking after Aussie for me. Pixie and I are still missing him a lot. He was a quiet and loving dog.

Thank you again,

From Dawn


To Ron and Staff,

Thank you for looking after Nessie.

Lorraine & Lee Ann xxxxxx


Dear Ron & Staff,

Thank you for your much appreciated care of 'Mini' while I was away.

Kind Regards,

Margot & Mini's family


Dear Ron,

Hillbrook Anglican School would like to thank you for your involvement in our Work Experience program. Your participation has enabled a student to gain real life experience. We understand that this places additional responsibility on you, and greatly appreciate your willingness to help expand the horizons of one of our students.


Dear Ron,

We would just like to say thank you so much for you & Gemma coming to the house on Friday to make our farewell to Chloe peaceful and loving. Your support and help were very much appreciated.

Many thanks from Jenny, Neville & Caitlin.


To Ron and all the other vets and staff,

Thank you for all the kind and quality care you gave George, my beautiful black labrador, thro' the 14 1/2 years of his life. My special thanks to Ron, for above and beyond kindness and dedication, for coming out on a public holiday evening to help George have a gentle and stress-free passing.
My gratitude and thanks to all of you.

Janice and Oscar (his best friend) woof.


Dear Ron & Staff

Waterworks Road Veterinary Surgery

Thank you so much for the card and your kind words over the loss
of our treasured pet Itchy.
He passed away at home in the back garden under a bush, 
Sorely missed but he had a good life. 
We got him from your surgery , Feb 1994 when he was the cutest kitten.
 He's been lots of fun and very healthy all these years.
 I think he was missing Athena who passed
 several weeks before him.

Warmest Regards
Susan & Habib


Dear Ron,

Thank you so much for your kind, gentle care of Jessie, not only on Sunday, but for the many years you have look after her. Carl and I do appreciate all of your assistance.

Kind Regards,



August 31st 2012

Dear Ron and your fabulous team,

A huge thank you for the care and attention you gave to Olive. We cannot express adequately how extremely grateful and relieved we were that she was in such professional, thorough and tender care. Some people would say "She's only a Dog" but to us she is our baby!!! to see her suffer at the hands of another vet practice nearly broke our hearts. Ron, you and your staff have just been fantastic!

With much gratitude and thanks,

Keryn and Warryn (parents of Olive) xx



Dear Ron and Co-workers,

We would like to sincerely "Thank You" all for your caring nature, your professionalism and your thoughts towards our beautiful "Macchiatto". He is sadly missed by all of us but still very clost to our hearts. With Love, The Cribb family xxxx

P.S. Richard, Ben & Emma have made a special place for him in our backyard, not too far from the back door where he liked to be near us.