Waterworks Road Vet Surgery

333 Waterworks Rd
Ashgrove, QLD, QLD 4060




Tacker guarding reception






It was with great sadness that we said farewell to Tacker on the 28th December 2012. He had been a fixture of the practice for 19 years and will be sorely missed by staff and clients alike. Some may have seen Tacker hanging out in the reception area in the past.


Lucky sleeping as usual 




Lucky passed away early March 2013. The staff at Waterworks Road Vet will particularly miss Lucky's company near the oxygen generator and watching her boss around large dogs with the utmost confidence that we would intervene before they got near her.


Khita focused on the treat behind the camera





Khita was our clinic staffy. She helped to keep the clinic clean by eating ANYTHING she could get to. Sadly, Khita passed away in 2013 after being diagnosed with a spinal tumour.


Tigger in her bed 




As a particularly hairless Cornish Rex, Tigger is not winning any beauty contests any time soon! What she lacks in beauty she makes up for with personality and vocalisation, especially when it is dinner time! She loves coming up to people during lunch time to snuggle up with them and hopefully gets a bite to eat. Tigger was initially overweight and lost a whopping 46% of her body weight and has been much more active and outgoing because of it.  


Normy, king of cat boarding 




Normy is our other (more handsome) clinic Devon Rex. He used to live downstairs but has been living up in the main hospital. He is taking full advantage of this privilege, mostly by walking all over the vet desks and relocating the paperwork. His favorite places to sleep is on top of our very new fax machine or on top of a large bird cage. Oddly the 3 budgies and the cockatiel do not mind him there at all and fortunately he is not the least bit interested in them.

                                       Baz (tan) and Pilot (Black)           

Baz and Pilot

Baz the tan staffy started living at the clinic after he was getting anxious at home. Pilot moved in too to accompany him as they have always been the best of friends. While living here his anxiety has reduced dramatically. Baz recently had his left cruciate repaired whilst Pilot has advanced arthritis that has been managed for years. She was on a lot of medication twice a day to help manage the pain. Her condition got pretty bad to the point that euthanasia was considered but since we obtained the laser therapy unit at the end of 2013 and started treating her with it, it is as if she is a new dog! She was unable to climb up and down the stairs for almost a year at that point and now she can do that again. Pilot has had her medication cut back and is getting laser therapy once a week and is going strong.