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Behavioural Resources.

The following handouts have been sourced from Blackwell's Five Minute Veterinary Consult - Canine and Feline Behaviour by Drs Horwitz and Neilson.
They may be reproduced without permission. These handouts are not designed to replace a behavioural consultation and may not be appropriate for all situations.
If you would like to book a behavioural consultation for your dog or cat, please do not hesitate to call the clinic on 07 3366 1888


Structuring Your Relationship With Your Pet - a good starting point for any behavioural issues


Tranquility Training - Some good exercises to help you teach your dog how to be calm


Maximising Treatment Success - Tips on how to make the most of any behavioural modification plan


Desensitisation and Counterconditioning

Teaching a New Response to the Doorbell


Teaching Your Pet to be Confined - Crate training can be a very effective behaviour modification tool and allows your pet to have a place
that they can go to feel safe and secure, provided that they have been introduced to confinement correctly. 


Creating Harmony in Multi - Cat households  and Introducing a New Cat


House soiling - Dog - urinating and defaecating in inappropriate areas is very common in dogs and cats and can have many different reasons,

including medical reasons. These handouts have some guidelines that can be trialled prior to seeking veterinary advice.


House Soiling - Cat


Introducing a Pet to a New Baby - Another must read resource if you are pregnant or thinking of adding to your family is Val Bonney's book, "Hey Baby, 

Who's the Boss?" - http://www.bonnies.com.au/products/ 


Roaming behaviour 


The following posters and handouts have been adapted or sourced from www.drsophiayin.com - a fantastic resource for anything behaviour related 


Puppies Whining at Night


Dog Park Etiquette (Poster)


Dog Body Language (Poster)


Learn to Earn Program (Poster) - This is similar to the "Structuring your relationship with your pet" concept.


Video - How to teach your pet to enjoy having their nails trimmed


Training your dog to enjoy a muzzle/headcollar



Recommended Behaviour Products:


Gentle Leader Headcollar


Manners Minder - remote treat dispensing device